Our Approach

Our Approach

Whiskey America takes an experiential approach to fine whiskey. While many others make effort to isolate a whiskey in any given situation, we bring in the environment, the people, the history, and the relevance along with the sight, smell and flavor of a spirit.

Our Story

Our Story

Whiskey America began years a go as the Zulu Whisky Club. The ZWC was group of old Army buddies that would host whiskey events for each other. As the years went on the events became more elaborate and insightful, rivaling some of the best whiskey events available in the industry. As the stories of these whiskey events and expeditions got out through social media people sought to have the Zulu Whiskey Club put on events for them too; thus the birth of Whiskey America.

Meet the Team


TW Wright

Whiskey writer, bloger, presenter, and most of all, whiskey enthousiast. TW has been sharing his passion for fine whiskies for over a decade. Drawing on his 30 plus years in Army Special Operations and the experiences he has had with people around the world, TW shares whiskey from an experiential and cultural approach.



A whiskey enthusiast for decades, Murray’s experience as a presenter and educator excites people about craft whiskies. With his attention to detail and love for history Murray’s contagious enthusiasm pulls people in as he relays the significance of whiskies as they relate to us now and in the past.